Rules of Play

  1. All games will be 7 innings. No new innings will start after 2½ hours unless tied (except for championship games.)
  2. Underlined team on schedule will occupy the 3rd base dugout and is the home team unless otherwise agreed upon by the head coaches.
  3. CIF Pitching Rules will apply.
  4. CIF Ten Run Rule will apply.
  5. Championship game contestants will be determined by:
    1. Overall record/Total points – (Win = 2 pts.; Tie = 1 pt.; Loss = 0 pt.)
    2. Fewest total runs given up in the tournament.
    3. Team having the fewest offensive strikeouts.
    4. Team giving up fewest walks (HBP not included.)
    5. Lottery pick.
  6. No protests allowed. Umpires’ decisions are final.
  7. Balls furnished by Classic host.
  8. Coaches must be in uniform to coach in Coaching Boxes.
  9. No batting practice or infield procedures on playing field before start of game.
  10. Each team will be responsible for shagging foul balls during games.